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Is it ok to drink on your own? How not to be a lockdown lush

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It is not just for the solo isolators out there that I am going to go with a hell yes it's ok!

There seems to be a huge taboo about having a drink on your own, as if every solo imbiber is smashing bottle after bottle in a Bridget Jones-esque way in their PJ’s. Now I am sure there are a few people who are going through a personal crisis who might be tempted, and I make no light of people with chronic alcohol addictions or who are using alcohol as an emotional crutch, however I am equally sure that for the majority of wine lovers this is not the standard operating procedure.

In fact, for me it is quite the opposite. When having a few drinks with friends I am busy chatting and often don’t realise I’ve finished a glass, which also tends to get topped up without me noticing. My rubber arm is also far more susceptible to the old ‘one more for the road’ temptation.

When I am on my own of an evening and I want to practice a bit of self-love at the end of a long day, I will open something special; I will think about each sip, play with it on my tongue, enjoy the sensations of texture, taste and smell, see where the wine transports me emotionally. I drink considerably slower as I’m not drinking on reflex while talking, and there is no one to egg me on to another drink. In short I drink better, I drink slower, and I drink less but with far greater appreciation.

But just in case, in these uncertain and scary times the Bridget Jones model is looking a little more attractive than it should, here is some advice in how not to become a lockdown lush…

Warning; this requires a steely determination when combining a genuine interest in wine with an abnormal working routine and hugely elevated stress levels.

· Set a strict time for your first drink of the day: for me 7pm during the week, a little more flexible at the weekend!

· Set a limit on the number of drinks you can have ie a glass while prepping dinner and a glass with dinner.

· If you can still get them delivered, invest in a wine preservation system like ETO so you don’t need to worry about the wastage factor. an easy to use product that doesn't require gas top ups and gives you about 4-5 days of pleasure

· Keep busy; cooking and particularly exercising. Set yourself a list of chores and activities to achieve and then wine becomes the reward once they are all completed

· Practical factors to remember that might help – it is expensive being a lockdown lush. And if you drink too quickly you might finish your stocks and be left high and dry!

· Forgive yourself. With the best will in the world there will be days when the wheels fall off! That’s ok, these things happen, and these are unusual times. Start again tomorrow 😊

Yoga update – Tolasana should be banned as cruelty to humans. Seriously you need monkey arms to do this one. Mega fail.

Dog update – this time he hid behind my boyfriend’s legs when I called him to come running. Thanks ‘buddy’

Cooking update – slight miscommunication on who was doing the shopping. No one as it turned out! All we had to play with was a few wrinkly parsnips, a sweet potato and an onion. So I made a roasted root vegetable linguine in a garlic, sage and crème fraiche sauce. Winner! This vegetarian business isn’t half bad!

Wine pairing: Meerlust Red 2017, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Seriously amazing value from this iconic South African winery. A classic Bordeaux blend with delicious velvety dark fruit, spice and leather, as welcoming as a big leather armchair and great with the earthy root vegetables. Wine from Roberson Wine

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