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TNC - 10th June - drinking to remember, drinking to learn, drinking to enjoy

Thank goodness for wine! It has been a lot longer since I have travelled than I care to say but I am still able to enjoy the memories of holidays past vicariously through my taste buds. Thankfully my last trip abroad was to Sicily to it is no great hardship to taste the beautifully evocative volcanic wines of Etna, close my eyes, and just for a moment remember how it felt lying by the pool with a chilled glass of Etna Bianco in my hand. I found a delicious example, the Cottanera Etna Bianco DOC 2019, Sicily made from their premium white varietal, Carricante. Intense yet pure and refreshing it shows preserved lemon, nervy minerality, a hint of wild herbs and white almond. Delicious. The Wine Society £17.50

Next we have possibly the most under rated wine in the world, Moscato d’Asti. About as stylish as a 1970’s shell suit but in the right hands, such as the inimitable Castello di Neive Moscato d’Asti, Piedmont, Italy it is like a ray of sunshine on a grey day. A bit sweet, a bit fizzy, and super light at just 5% abv it is about as drinkable as it comes. Simple lemon and grape flavours with a lovely lifted floral note, it is utterly charming and incredibly versatile going just as well with a fruity desert (try Tunisian orange cake) as with breakfast (possibly the worlds best hangover cure and thankfully goes a treat with scrambled eggs) or just something light and easy on a hot day. Farthinghoe Fine Wine £14

Continuing to explore the lesser known varieties our next clubber found a bottle of Casar de Burbia Godello ‘En Barica’, Bierzo, Spain. It is absolutely delicious; light and fresh and yet with an incredible concentration and length with the old oak adding to the texture and depth. Citrus and herbs are under-pinned by a lovely salinity, she hasn’t had much Godello before but this example is certainly going to encourage more! Suffolk Cellar Fine Wine £22

From subtle old world we go to bold new world with the Some Young Punks ‘Passion has Red Lips’ Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz 2017, Mclaren Vale, Australia. The nose is a touch confected with cherry cola alongside notes of spice and meaty depth, but the palate is actually really lovely. There is nothing subtle about it with lashings of fruit and notes of tobacco but it is nicely balanced and does what it says on the tin. It would be a match made in heaven with pulled pork or a Sloppy Guissepe pizza. Philglas & Swiggot £16.50

Next we had a proper curve ball in the shape of Suavia Le Rive Soave 2017, Veneto, Italy. This has a bit of sweetness as it is a late harvest example, a bit like a lighter Recioto (the sweet wine of the region). It is sweet yet savoury with honey, beeswax and some tropical fruit. With only a moderate acidity it shows itself best when chilled and would certainly make a good partner to rich foods. 10.5g/l residual sugar. £25.45

Our final wine is the Chevanceau Blanc, Cotes de Gascogne, France a very good and refreshing white from the south of France showing citrus, lime and lemon with some attractive fruit richness. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc (88%) and Colombard (18%), it is eminently drinkable and perfect for a summer night. Strictly Wine £9

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