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Introducing Thursday Night Club, better and wetter than Fight Club

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Lockdown need not mean drinking alone. Join me at 7pm on Thursday for the inaugural TNC (Thursday Night Club) for a slightly alternative tasting!

All you need to do is to pick a wine, any wine that you have at home. It can be £5 or it can be £155. Grab a glass, crack the bottle open and we will convene via zoom to drink them together.

We will go around the ‘room’ and share a few things about the wine you are drinking. It can be anything and does not need to be geeky or high-brow – how you came across it, what it tastes like, anecdotes from the winery or memories for you associated with the bottle. It can be as simple as the wine poured at your wedding or what you intend to eat with it.

At the same time I am on hand like a weird vinous agony aunt to answer any wine questions that are on your mind.

The idea is to have a bit of fun, learn something new, meet some like minded souls, share a favourite bottle and most importantly have something in the beige landscape of lockdown to liven things up and look forward to!

Just let me know if you are keen to join, send me your email address and closer to the time I will send you the invitation to the Zoom chat... And don’t forget to bring snacks, its hungry work!

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