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Finding something to celebrate this Christmas

2020. Blimey. What to say?! Even my Christmas tree is droopy despite regular watering, it either has Covid or like most of us, Covid inspired blues.

It has been a heart-breakingly difficult time for so many, so I decided that the only way to make peace with this year, was to try and force myself to focus on the positives that have come out of it. I challenged my nearest and dearest to come up with at least 5 positive things about this year. It is a simple task, but a heart-warming one, and it is an exercise I wholeheartedly recommend.

So here are mine:

· Discovering what work-life balance feels like for the first time

· More exercise, less alcohol, earlier nights

· Spending more quality time with my partner and my dog

· Early morning dog walks with a coffee, the perfect start to the day even in the pouring rain

· Realising how important and pleasurable the simple things are

· Having the time to read and cook

· Getting to know the neighbours, I feel like I live in a proper community for the first time.

· More time with my family even if it is via zoom

· Having time to actually pause and see the beauty around me

· Seeing incredible acts of kindness; Captain Tom, Kevin Sinfield, Tony Hudgell, Marcus Rashford… and so many more inspiring men, women and children.

· Making new friends through our Thursday Night Club virtual wine club, you have all become a slightly tipsy family to me.

· I’ve managed to save a little bit of money thanks to being home bound for so much of the year

….well look at that, 12 serious perks to 2020 already!

So this Christmas I might not have my beautiful family around me, but I am going to pull out some special wines and raise a glass to all of you. If ever there was a time to indulge it is this year!

My Christmas drinking line up will include Cristal 2005 with canapes, Louis Roederer Vintage Rosé 2014 with smoked salmon, Chateau Latour Martillac 2016 Bordeaux Blanc and Martin Wassmer Markgraflerland Spatburgunder 2016 from Germany with the turkey and some Graham’s 1991 Vintage port with the Christmas pudding. Boom! Bring. It. On!

Merry Christmas one and all and I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, even if it is not what you planned, you are able to smile and raise a glass to a better tomorrow.


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Ollie Gadney
Ollie Gadney

Well done you on a great gratitude list.

And a great Xmas day wine list. Don’t know the German one, but judging by the other ones, they must be very good as they are in amazing company!

A very happy Christmas to you. Lots of love.

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